Khamis, 7 April 2011

Happy Birthday to Dubeis Azeem, Amin Aiman dan Aniq Wafi!

Today as you wake up in the morning
may sunshine fill your heart with joy
may you spend the day like a free bird
doing all that you love to do
may all that is bright n beautiful
fill your heart with happiness
have a very happy birthday!

Happy Birthday To Muhammad Dubeis Azeem bin Faizal Azeem
2 years old!

Take a deep breath
make a wish
and blow out the candles
on your birthday cake
may all your wishes come true
a very very happy birthday to you!
 Happy Birthday to Muhammad Amin Aiman bin Muhammad Ermy Shah
2 years old!

Make a wish for every candle on your cake
make your wishes come true
with love and lots of prayers
Happy Birthday to you!
 Happy Birthday to Aniq Wafi bin Abd Rahim
3 years old!

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